We can help with creating an account, content, planning, full management of your Facebook business page, coaching and adverts. These are all in the realm of building your brand and establishing a larger following to further engage your audience.

Instagram is an ever-changing platform which is often under-utilised by brands. It's rules are always changing which is why we keep up with regular Instagram training and can help you by managing your business account or coaching you to establish a more robust following resulting in further engagement with your audience.

With it's addition of company accounts, LinkedIn is a new way of connecting more with your audience. Getting your brand in front of as many people as possible giving you even more engagement. A place where you can boost, share and discuss your products and what's happening with your company.

With help from our videography team we can get your videos reaching your desired audience. Setting up your YouTube channel and keeping track of the traction, giving it the attention it deserves.

Marine Media are here to assist and help you with all of your social media accounts. We recommend a full analysis of your current social channels before providing insight into which outlets would work best for your business.